Tips for Over 50 Job Seekers 

If you are over 50 years of age, you may be frustrated in the job market. Don’t sell yourself short though as there are many things you can do that will make you a very good option in the eyes of employers. You need to give the impression you still have plenty to offer regardless of your age.
Enhance Technical Skills
Technology changes fast, so as an older job seeker you need to be able to show you can keep up with it. If you are rusty, consider taking a class about computers and other details. While the employer is going to be able to show you specifically what you need to do on the job, they need to be confident you have some basic skills that you can apply.
Show Motivation
Some employers worry about older job seekers because they may lack motivation. They may be locked in their own ways and habits which can make it hard for them to do well on the job in today’s world. If you show that you are motivated, like challenges, and that you are up for something new it gives a fresh look at how you may fit into the overall goals of the business. 
Update your Resume
Don’t use the same resume you did a decade ago! You need to revamp it and to use creative words and style. The standardized form for a resume has been gone for a very long time. Try to do your research on the company first so that your resume is written in a manner that they will automatically see it as a very good fit. 
Create a Cover Letter that Will Be Noticed
The objective is to get an invitation for a job interview.  Do some research on what it takes to write a cover letter that will cause the reader to want to know you.  A good resource for Cover letter insight is:
Update your Look
Getting a fresh hair cut or other changes can help you to fit better into the profile that the business is looking for. Remember, a good first impression is very good. It isn’t fair but if you are dressed old fashioned then the employer may get the impression that you will be old style. If you are trendy in what you wear and how you look, it shows them you keep up with the times. 
You don’t have to dress like today’s youth but you want to get something current for interviews. Make sure you practice for an interview too so that you are polished and confident. If you haven’t been in an interview for a while you may be nervous about it. 
Over Qualified
It is unfair, but you may be over qualified for many of the positions open. That is a common barrier for those over 50. Yet if you are willing to work for the pay that they offer let it be known. Perhaps you are retired and you are looking for a job to help you spend your time or give back to the community. 
Make sure you let it be known that you have plenty to offer, and that you are willing to share that with other employees. Then you seem like a valued asset that can provide so much additional help to the business that they would be foolish to pass on you.